a female and male outline in black running cross country Cross Country

Gr. 4/5 Cross Country Running Team

Long Distance Running

The  practices and run days will be as follows:

Practices will be at lunch from 12:05 - 12:45 pm on MONDAYS and BEFORE school from 8:10 - 8:40 am on FRIDAYS. Please drop the students off at the gym on Friday morning in appropriate clothing for running practice. Practices start Friday, September 15th. 

Wednesday's after school will be our run days over at Clearbrook Park.

The run days will be September 27th and October 4th and 11th. 

On race days, please make sure your child GOES Home right after school, has a healthy snack and some water and then comes back, to the park in time for their warm-up and race time. Your child should make sure not to eat 30 minutes prior to coming to the park.

Please be advised that the warm-up will be lead by one of the cross-country coaches, who will then take them to the start line. You are encouraged to stay and cheer on your child while they are running. Please note, no child is able to stay from after school and come to the park on their own. We will be located right by the gate from the far corner of Clearbrook Elementary into Clearbrook Park field and the cement walkway. We will show the students the approximate location so that you can find us on race days and will have our Clearbrook Elementary banner to make it easy to find.


Grade/Gender                              Warm up time                           Race start time

Gr. 4 GIRLS                                    3:20 pm                                      3:45 pm

Gr. 5 GIRLS                                    3:35 pm                                      4:00 pm

Gr. 4 BOYS                                     3:50 pm                                      4:15 pm

Gr. 5 BOYS                                     4:05 pm                                      4:30 pm

As soon as the students finish their run they are free to leave with their parent/guardian but must advise one of the cross country coaches so they know you are leaving and hand in your jersey (with number attached) to their coach.

There is a $10 entry fee for each student (this is the only school sport that has a cost associated because it is run by the Valley Royals Track & Field Club).

Please email Mrs. Krause at courtney.krause@abbyschools.ca or call the school if you have any questions or concerns.