A Message from the Ministry of Education
Clearbrook Elementary


"Learning Together" | "Apprenons Ensemble"

Our vision statement: “Ecole Clearbrook Elementary will provide a safe and caring environment where all students are encouraged to develop the knowledge, skills and virtues to be become productive members of society”, speaks of our desire to prepare our students for the many challenges of the future.  Our Motto is: “Learning Together/Apprenons Ensemble”.  We are called the Clearbrook Cubs:

Coopértatif                       Cooperation

Unité                                 United

Bilingue                            Be your Best

Serviable et Succès           Service and Success

We believe in the basics of reading and writing, mathematics, technology, fine arts, a quality physical education program and intellectual challenges designed to spur individuals on to greater things.  We have programs and staff that work to recognize each child as an individual and to meet that individual’s needs as a student.  We encourage all of our students to become lifelong learners and to take responsibility for their own learning. The student planner is used on a daily basis in all classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 5.  Consistent use of the student planner helps students become organized, effective learners.

I wish all students, parents and staff a successful and productive school year. Remember, our doors are always open.  Your child’s education is a partnership.  If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at (604) 859-5348.