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Clearbrook StrongStart


There are 12 StrongStart Centres located in Abbotsford.  Most are located in a school so that you and your child (ages 0-5 years) become part of the school community even before your child enters Kindergarten.  There is NO cost to attend a StrongStart Centre and it is offere3d as a drop-in program.  Abbotsford's StrongStart Centres are open Monday to Friday, when schools are open for instruction.  Check at your centre for any additional closures.

Clearbrook StrongStart Program Hours

Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. in Room 106. 

What is a StrongStart Centre?

Research tells us that parents who are active partners in their children's education and development increase the chance of children's success.  StrongStart Centres provide parents and caregivers an opportunity to share in their child's early learning experiences and learn and grow together through PLAY.  The Centre's facilitators are qualified Early Childhood Educators.

Why StrongStart?

One of the objectives of StrongStart is to ensure a successful transition into kindergarten. Families who attend StrongStart become very comfortable in a school setting.  Their active involvement in their children's education is ensured through the early positive connection. Through play based problem solving activities found at StrongStart children can develop the literacy and numeracy concepts they need to have in place for success in kindergarten.

What is the cost of StrongStart?

There is no cost to families to participate

How do I register my child in a StrongStart Centre?

All children 0-5 years can register to attend a StrongStart Centre in Abbotsford.  Register in person at the Centre of your choice.  The Ministry of Education requires a completed registration form for each family.  You will need to provide a contact name and number and your child's birth certificate or an Aboriginal status card, landing papers, a permanent resident card, or a passport.  Once registered, you can attend as often as you like, but will need to sign in each time.  You can also attend any other StrongStart Centre in Abbotsford.

Safe & Caring Learning Environments

Please do not bring your child to the Centre if they have an infectious illness, fever, vomiting or diarrhea until the symptoms are gone for a minimum of 24 hours and they are able to fully participate in the activities of the Centre.

Behavioural Expectations

- Use quiet voices and walking feet in halls

- Play, explore and learn together (with your child)

- Let the child lead the exploration

- Have fun!!!

- Engage together (with your child)

- Put cell phones away, there are privacy issues with phone use

- Make new connections with other families

- Help clean up centres, dishes, sweep, etc.

- Encourage children to clean up after themselves, do not do it for them.

Thank you, parents/caregivers, for actively participating in your child's play, for working together to help the StrongStart Facilitator to establish and maintain routines such as Snack Times, Circle Time, Story Time, etc. with the children.  Thank you for cooperating wit hother parents and caregivers in gently guiding the play and learning of the children in the Centre.

What we do at a StrongStart Centre . . . 

- Free play, art, sensory exploration time at play centres

- Gym/Outside Play

- Snack

- Parent and child reading

- Circle time

How can I make the most of our time at the Centre?

- Come prepared to PLAY.  We use water, paint, glue, sand, etc. so please dresss your child in clothes that are washable and comfortable.

- Follow your child's lead, watch what they do, comment on what you see and look for opportunities to expand their learning and understanding of their world.  

- Sit with your child during circle time and be an active participant in all the songs, stories, etc.  When your child sees that you are having fun and participating, they will participate too.

- Sit beside your child or near them during snack time.  

- Leave your child's toys at home.  We have many carefully selected materials for you and your child to explore at the centre.


Children learn through PLAY!

Families are child's first teachers

It's OK to get dirty and make a mess (art, water, sandbox, playground)

We all need to be curious and explore!

Children are capable!

StrongStart welcomes everyone and we have respect for all

We all work together

Safety is a priority

More Questions?  Contact:  Abbotsford School District - Donna Wright, District Principal ~ Early Learning @ (604) 897-7880 or Curriculum Department (604) 504-4612