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Parent Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Parent Advisory Council (P.A.C) is to promote and support education and to contribute to a sense of school community. 

P.A.C. meetings give parents and school staff a time and place to talk about how to work cooperatively to make Clearbrook Elementary a good place for children. All parents and guardians of students registered at Clearbrook Elementary are voting members of the P.A.C. 

The P.A.C. makes recommendations regarding:

  • School Growth Plans - GOALS
  • Curriculum, especially about new programs and learning resources
  • School spirit
  • Money matters, including fundraising and needs

P.A.C. Executive for 2021/2022

President:            Wai Obert

Vice President:    Sandy Biring

Acting Treasurer:      Kiran Mann

Secretary:            vacant


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Can you help?

  • Must have completed a criminal records check.
  • Contact us at clearbrookelementaryPAC [at]

EMAIL:  clearbrookelementaryPAC [at]